Jordana Fiorini is the vision that drives our mission.  Jordana touched many
lives in her short time on earth because of her ability to seek the goodness in
everyone. Always smiling and always ready to listen - two of her many charming
traits that we don't see these days but are critical to making this a good life.
Without knowing ...Jordana dedicated her life to kindness. 

Jordanas Rainbows will seek ways to spread love and rainbows worldwide.
Jordana loved rainbows and all that glittered. We will leave trails of her sparkle
everywhere and bring awareness to DIPG and Pediatric cancer. We will strive to
find a cure for DIPG and challenge the way we live by helping to spread love and
live forever Jordana strong. 

Enjoy the challenges and keep challenging. Fighting for a cure.
Fighting for love because love is bigger than cancer.