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We Will Be Ok - Creating Rainbows of Hope

Written by Alison Fiorini


Posted on April 20 2020

April 22nd marks one year as the Jordana's Rainbows Foundation and we wanted to mark this special day by sharing love and kindness through a movement that is currently happening globally. As you may have seen popping up around your neighbourhood, there are tons of window murals and paintings of rainbows conveying messages of strength, hope and gratitude for those who are fighting the hardest to keep us safe during this uncertain time.

This movement started in Italy when kids started creating rainbow artwork and displayed in windows and balconies for their neighbours to see with messages reading 'andrà tutto bene' - meaning 'everything will be ok'.

We know Jordi would have done just that, spread love and light with her glittering rainbows and we want YOU to do the same!

If you haven’t done so already, create a RAINBOW, display it for the world to see and send us your pictures or videos.


Maybe you want to let people know that 'we will be ok' or to send love to your loved ones you're unable to visit or maybe even thank our essential workers who are working tirelessly to conquer Covid-19.

We will be sharing your posts for the next month and randomly selecting 3 people to receive some of our favourite Jordana's Rainbows goodies!

We want you to be CREATIVE, LOUD and COLOURFUL as possible with this project! Let's let the world know WE WILL BE OK!

(If arts and crafts are not your thing... we've added some printable rainbow cut outs and colouring sheets for download below!)

Download & Print Rainbow Template

Here are some #Hashtags to follow to find some RAINBOW inspiration for your work of art! The possibilties are endless!

#RainbowsOfHope#LetsAllBeWell#AWorldOfHeartsl - #RainbowArt



We can't wait to see yours!




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