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Holiday Gift Card Drive 2019

Written by Alison Fiorini


Posted on November 01 2019

When Jordana Fiorini spent her last Christmas on earth at SicKids in 2015, she told her parents that she wanted to return the following year to bring gifts for patients so they didn’t feel alone or forgotten. That same day, her family received an envelope from a nurse and it contained a gift card and a note written by a family who had spent their holidays at SickKids years before. It read "Merry Christmas - you're never alone." The idea of Our Holiday Gift Card Drive (HGCD) was born from Jordana's wish and that random act of kindness. 
Since December 2016, our Jordana's Rainbows HGCD has generated a total of $20,000 in gift cards distributed by SickKids staff to kids and families. This is because of amazing people like YOU!
Jordana's Rainbows HGCD is a profitless mission to spread love and remind people that we are in this world together! The good, The bad, all of it - we are never alone and never forgotten. The Importance of giving back is the essence of Jordana's spirit and of course, the Holiday Season!

Here are a few ways you can participate in making the holidays a little brighter for the children and families at SickKids Hospital.


Arti & Mestieri
8611 Weston Rd. Unit 36, Woodbridge, ON

Integrity Fitness
WEST: 51 Jevlan Dr, Woodbridge, ON
EAST: 8000 HWY 27, Woodbridge, ON

Anna K Salon & Spa
1966 Avenue Rd, North York, ON

Passion For Pilates
396B Chrislea Road Woodbridge, ON

This Is Made
2 Tall Grass Trail, Woodbridge, ON  

WestEnd Dental Associates
3100 Dixie Road,  Mississauga, ON

Sleep & Alertness Clinic
790 Bay Street, Suite 800, Toronto, ON





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