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The Holiday Gift Card Drive 2020

Written by Alison Fiorini


Posted on November 05 2020

Jordana’s giving spirit lives on with the 4th annual Jordana’s Rainbows Holiday Gift Card Drive for SickKids.

When Jordana Fiorini spent her last Christmas on earth at SickKids Hospital in 2015, she told her parents that she wanted to return the following year to bring gifts for the patients so that they never felt alone or forgotten. That same day, her family received an envelope from a nurse and it contained a gift card and a note written by a family who had spent their holidays at SickKids years before. It read “Merry Christmas - you are never alone.” The idea of our Holiday Gift card Drive was born from Jordana’s wish and that random act of kindness.

In her honour, we have carried on Jordana’s wish for the last 3 years and donated over $36,000 in gift cards to date, for the kids and families at SickKids Hospital.

This year, the global pandemic has left us feeling more distanced than ever from our loved ones which is why our annual HGCD matters more than ever. We hope that through this profitless mission we can help ease the financial burden that some families are experiencing.


This year, the Jordana’s Rainbows HGCD means so much more! We hope that you are reminded of Jordi’s kindness and determination to make the world a better and brighter place. The importance of giving back is the essence of Jordana’s spirit and of course, the Holiday Season!



How it works: 

From November 9th to December 11th you can purchase a Gift Card Donation in any dollar amount you choose in our online shop. 

Funds collected from these gift card donations will be used to purchase hundreds of gift cards for kids of every age spending their holidays at SickKids Hospital. 

Jordana's brothers, Lucas and Laurence Fiorini will hand deliver all of the gift cards to the staff at SickKids Hospital to ensure they are handed out to the kids and families just in time for the Holidays!

Why The Gift Card?

Gift cards are a great way for parents to purchase necessities such as prescription medication, meals or maybe even things their child may miss from home. Gift cards are also great for some of the older kids, where toys may not be the perfect fit.

Can I donate in person?

This year, due to the restrictions of COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of our community, we will only be accepting Gift Card Donations online at and at one location in Vaughan, Arti & Mestieri.

How Can I Help?

Spread the word! Over the years many members of our community have gotten together with their friends and families and shared the message of the HGCD. These meaningful contributions are the reason why we’ve been able to directly support hundreds of kids and families with a small gift for the holidays!



Happy Holidays from the Jordana's Rainbows Team!




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