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About The JRF

The Jordana’s Rainbows Foundation is a registered Canadian, not for profit charitable organization in honour of Jordana Fiorini.  We honour our sweet angel Jordana by spreading her kindness, love and rainbows worldwide while raising awareness and research monies for childhood cancer - with a specific focus on DIPG.  With Jordana guiding us, it is our hope and our mission to change the face of childhood cancer and help find a cure for DIPG.. 

The Jordana’s Rainbows Foundation works closely with The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada.  SickKids is undertaking the first Canadian Clinical trial for DIPG patients.  As of April 2019, and in under 4 years Jordana’s Rainbows has raised just over $1,530,000 towards this effort.

DIPG is one of the most challenging tumours in paediatric oncology. Jordana’s Rainbows has invested in the research being done at SickKids to help further harness  understanding of the disease, creating hope for new, life-saving treatments. Support has been directed to DIPG research conducted by Dr. Peter Dirks (neurosurgeon, senior scientist and Garron Family Chair in Childhood Research at SickKids) and his lab with a study targeted at understanding the origin of DIPG.