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Masks, Sanitizer & Pouch (Adult & Kids)
Masks, Sanitizer & Pouch (Adult & Kids)
Jordana's Rainbows

Masks, Sanitizer & Pouch (Adult & Kids)


Bubble Gum
Mask Size

All masks both kids and adults come in pre-made packs of 3. 

All mask colours are chosen at random and may appear differently than shown in pictures. Kids masks are divided into pinks & blues although no colours are guaranteed!

Ideal size for kids between 4 and 10 years of age.

Mask Measures 6" wide and 3.75" high.

Kids Masks are separated into Pink Tones & Blue Tones and are paired with the pouch colours as listed here:

Assorted pink masks will be paired with the Rosey, Bubble Gum, Sunshine and Lavender coloured Rainbow Pouch.
Assorted Blue Masks will be paired with Minty, Aqua and Midnight coloured Rainbow Pouch.

Adult Masks are bundled at random with your choice of pouch colour. 

Hand Sanitizers were generously sponsored by both Holt Renfrew’s H Project and Maverick

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