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Money collected through the sales of online Gift Card Donations will be donated directly to the kids and families spending the Holidays at SickKids Hospital.

Each year SickKids receives thousands of toy donations throughout the holiday season. A gift card is the perfect way to donate a valuable gift to children and families who may not benefit from toys. 

Gift cards can be used to purchase not only toys, but clothing, food, prescription medication and more.

Over the last two years through this initiative, we have been able to donate hundreds of gift cards amounting to upwards of $20,000 to the kids and families who need it most. 

We hope you can join us in our Holiday Gift Card Drive and help spread Jordana's Wish to have every child receive a special gift this holiday season!

How it works:

1. Purchase any dollar amount & quantity you choose
2. With funds collected, we will purchase physical gift cards 
3. On your behalf, Jordana's Rainbows will donate gift cards to SickKids Hospital to be distributed to kids and families over the Holiday season


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